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Combustion Gas Turbines
Principles and Operation
The Air Compressor
The Combustion Chamber
The Compressor (HP) Turbine
The Variable-Angle Nozzles Load Turbine
Turbine/Compressor Lube Control Oil System
Turbine Hydraulic Oil Trip System
Turbine Overspeed Trip Mechanisms
Turbine System Details
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The gas turbine incorporates a lube oil console fitted with a water cooler and an electric immersion heater for use in cold weather conditions. Three pumps are installed - one driven by the turbine shaft (main pump), one A/C driven auxiliary pump and a D/C pump for emergency during power failure. The lube oil is discharged at the desired pressure, controlled by a PCV which spills excess back into the lube oil tank. The oil is discharged to the Lube oil & Control oil systems and the Hydraulic oil system The lube oil is filtered in one of two filters and then pressure reduced to the required pressure by a further PCV. It is then piped to all compressor and turbine bearings for lubrication, cooling and cleaning of the bearings. The lube oil also goes to the starter bearings and to the 'Accessory gear' of the turbine. After passing through these systems the lube oil returns to the lube oil reservoir. (Figure: 22)

Figure. 22

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