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The compressed air from the axial flow compressor is piped to the combustion chamber. The turbine we are discussing has Six (6) identical combustion chambers - three on each side. Each chamber consists of the following: -

1. The Fuel Burner. - Using Natural gas, no atomiser is required - the fuel however must have all liquid knocked out.
2. Swirl Vanes. - These are installed at the point of fuel injection in order to get thorough mixing of the fuel and Primary Air, (air for the combustion - 15 to 20% of the compressor discharge). This is done to prevent Hot-Gas Pockets in the hot-gas path to protect the metal of the turbine from excessive heat.
3. The Burner Basket - This is fitted around the burner and contains holes through which the Secondary Air (about 30% of the air), passes into the burning gases to ensure complete combustion of the fuel.
4. The Igniters. - Spark plugs are used for the initial ignition of the fuel/air mixture. The hot gases from the combustor mix with the remaining air from the compressor (about 50%). This is called ' Tertiary Air ' and cools the gases to a safe turbine inlet temperature - at about 1700 °F. The hot, expanding gases pass into a ' Transition Piece ' which ensures the final mixing of the gases. The hot gases now pass to the six - fixed nozzle guide-vanes which direct the gas flow through the turbine assembly. Between the combustion chambers, 'Cross-fire' tubes are installed to ensure combustion in all chambers. (A flame detector system exists which will instantly shut down the fuel supply and therefore the turbine, should a flame failure occur in a chamber). (See Figure: 18)

Figure. 18

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