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Saturday, 12 June 2010 10:55
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Straight lobe screw compressors

generally require viscosity grade 150 or 220 for higher ambient temperatures. When low ambient temperatures are experienced, viscosity grade 68 is acceptable. All of these oils should be of the R & O type with anti-foaming additives. Depending upon the manufacturer or the application, synthetic lubricants may be recommended.

Axial flow compressors

require lubrication for shaft support journal bearings, axial thrust bearings, usually of the tilting pad type and any seals which may require lubrication. The lubricant generally recommended is a premium rust and oxidation inhibited oil of ISO 32 viscosity grade. In cases where a gear driven speed increaser is used, an ISO 46 or ISO 68 viscosity grade may be required. The synthetics most commonly used are diesters, polyglycols, polyalphaolefins and fluorosilicones.

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