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Saturday, 12 June 2010 10:55
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Helical lobe screw compressors

are primarily of the "flooded lubrication" type where there is major contact between the gas being compressed and the lubricant, thereby causing great potential for oxidation and deposits.

Where discharge temperatures are in the range of 85°C–135°C (185°F– 275°F), lubricant requirements range from high quality R & O mineral oils to synthetic fluids in the viscosity range of 32, 46 or 68. Depending upon the manufacturer’s recommendations, PAO’s (polyalphaolefins), POE’s (polyolesters), PAG’s (polyglycols) and diesters are the primary synthetic lubricants frequently used in these compressor types, depending upon their application.

("Dry or oil free type" helical screw compressors require only that the timing gears and bearings are lubricated. Viscosity ranges recommended are 32, 46, 68 or 100, depending upon temperature, speed and application).

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