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Written by Leonid Moroz   
Monday, 05 April 2010 08:17
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Centrifugal Compressor Design and Rerating in Turbochargers
Experimental Test Facility
Problem Formulation
Preliminary Design
Comparison of Experimental and Calculational Results
Effect of Impeller Wheel Trimming at Trailing Edge
Effect of Impeller Inlet Height Variation
Effect of Impeller Outlet Height Variation
Effect of Vaned Diffuser Stager Angle Variation
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Leonid Moroz

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Sergey Gnezdilov
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Special numerical research is carried out to study the effects of different centrifugal compressor design and rerating strategies needed for flow path components standardization during manufacturing and retrofitting processes in turbochargers.

Experimental data vs calculation results comparisons for several centrifugal compressor designs are used to confirm the validity of calculations in predicting performance and operating range.

Numerical calculations allowed to estimate the influence of impeller and vaned diffuser geometry modifications acceptable within selected constraints.

The strategy gives possibility to design highly efficient centrifugal compressors or use existing centrifugal compressor flow paths instead of new ones that can be created by

  • trimming the impeller wheel at trailing edge
  • varying impeller blade heights at leading and trailing edges
  • modifying vaned diffuser height and its stagger angle

Accurate off-design flow predictions are made to find stable operation ranges of upgraded centrifugal compressor flow paths.

The described study is carried out in collaboration with large turbochargers’ manufacturer engaged in locomotive, marine, heavy-duty trucks, drilling rigs, power, and pipeline stations appliances.


D1, D2 Impeller inlet/outlet diameter
l1, l2 Impeller inlet/outlet blade height
η Compressor efficiency
ω Rotational speed
πC Compressor pressure ratio

Figure 1. Centrifugal compressor in turbocharger