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Written by Gert Dam   
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 20:18

IMBU iPad based Asset Monitoring

During the past 14 years in Operation & Maintenance of rotating equipment, we have regularly wondered why no convenient, intuitive way of staying informed of the performance of assets exists. With the launch of IMBU at KIOGE 2011 in Almaty (Kazakhstan), we have changed this!

IMBU, built on Apple’s iPad, is a unique asset performance monitoring system. It is simple, visually attractive & convenient to use. It is powerful in features & data offered to users.

IMBU has 3 unique selling-points: iPad + aggregation + internationalization.



For good reasons, large organizations value standardization, security, availability combined with a strong support help-desk. IMBU has selected iPad as the platform to use for these reasons.

  • Contrary to Android, Apple has a very strict App approval process, is standardized and has a sealed-off distribution network. Integrity of Imbu’s worldwide distribution though the iPad App store is safeguarded by Apple.
  • iPad’s are available & identical, wherever you buy them. If an iPad is lost, obtaining a new one is quick and easy on the budget.
  • Standardizing on the iPad, means that there is only one hard-ware platform used by all IMBU’s clients. This allows IMBU’s support help-desk to quickly trouble-shoot any user issues.


IMBU believes that any monitoring system put in place should serve each organization at all levels, albeit differently. IMBU implements that by the aggregation of data upwards from individual assets, to machine groups and to locations groups and conversely, by allowing the drilling down from say aggregated assets at country level to a single machine.

Operators log-in at the lowest individual asset level, monitored by IMBU, whereby a VP of the same organization would normally log-in at corporate level. The operator uses IMBU to understand how his compressor has been performing throughout the past 24 hours whereby the VP uses IMBU to learn how total production of the whole organization has performed over the past 6 months.


IMBU has been launched to serve multi-national customers with English, Chinese, Russian and Kazakh stake holders. All of the above language-groups are currently available.
During internal discussions, users can switch from one language to another, simply and in 2 seconds. IMBU therefore offers real-time and historical data to support any discussion about Operation & Maintenance of Rotating equipment AND will also function as a communication bridge between experts who do not speak or understand each other's language fluently.


IMBU’s Transmitters have been designed with harsh field-conditions in mind. Transmitters accept -50C up to +70C ambient temperatures, unreliable GSM network and frequent power-outages. During these circumstances, transmitters continue to operate. When data cannot be uploaded immediately, it is stored locally until the GSM network is back on-line.
IMBU Transmitters are ready to accept any type of input from digital I/O, to Analogue 4-20 mA signals to RS485 ModBus.


All our customers are concerned about data security. From the start, IMBU has assumed security as a top-priority. Where-ever the data is, it is being encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms. Proper authorization levels are required to access Operations data. Each of the users has a user-profile. User-profiles determine which data can be accessed and which data is not accessible.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

IMBU is offered as a turn-key service whereby end-users pay a $/asset/month, all-inclusive. IMBU manages Transmitters, SIM cards, Data Center & iPad’s with modems. IMBU offers contracts in which users get a service availability guarantee.

IMBU is not a SCADA system. IMBU is nimble and focused, it is an asset monitoring and management tool which is near immediately useable. Its implementation costs a fraction of the SCADA price and is the more invaluable when assets are in remote locations.

User – case example: Technical Director

One of the users we had in mind while developing IMBU is a Technical Director of an Oil and Gas operator, who needs to get a daily & aggregated view over how his assets are performing. Right now, he is getting (often non-standardized) reports in from which the numbers are copied and pasted into a recap. Excel sheet.
IMBU offers an instant view over aggregated production figures by locations & machine groups whereby the Technical Director can instantly detect production trends and compare performance of different production locations.

User – case example: Field location Manager

Another user we have in mind is a Field location Manager. He has a team of 20 people performing operation & maintenance on 100+ Assets, from small to large. Until now he has only partial information as to how effective & efficient his team really is. It is also sometimes difficult to determine priorities. The Field location Manager is using IMBU to determine, at the start of a working-day, which assets are down and should be checked and which assets have performance issues. It allows the Manager to send his crew on their way to solve the priority issues right away.

User – case example: Meetings & Travel

IMBU is like a working document. It can be turned on instantly. One can display the graphics which are needed at any given time and hand them over to a colleague. During coordination meetings, IMBU offers facts on-the-fly as against assumed performance, opinions & feelings. IMBU stores all data locally on the iPad. During travel and without internet connection, IMBU users can still review historical data to analyze trends and understand optimization points.

To learn more:

Please visit the IMBU Website for more details on the IMBU platform.
You can find our PREZI presentation here: IMBU Prezi
Please visit the Apple Appstore to download the iPad app here: IMBU in App Store

Interested to further discuss? Please send an email to info[at], we'll get back to you asap.

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