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Written by Walter Breidenstein   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 02:49
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GTL is focused on four specific market sources of methane: off-spec natural gas, landfill gas, biogas, and associated gas. Off-spec natural gas is, by definition, any gas that requiring processing due to being sour, having too high of a btu content, or having too much nitrogen to put into a natural gas pipeline. Landfill gas (produced by landfills) and biogas (produced by biodigesters) are typically a 50/50 mixture of methane and CO2. The GasTechno® process can be used for all of these off-spec applications without any pretreatment making it an attractive option. One of the most interesting applications for the GasTechno® process is associated gas which is a byproduct of oil production. What makes associated gas applications so interesting is how well the GasTechno® process not only utilizes the associated gas, but solves other issues facing oil producers:

  • As oil production peaks and declines, so too does the associated gas production. The GasTechno® process can accept a wide range of feed rates without interruption of plant operations.
  • As oil production declines, the maturing oil field produces heavier oil which can become difficult to transport via crude pipelines (especially in cold climates). The GasTechno® process produces methanol which can be (and has already been) used in crude pipelines to prevent hydrate formation and to act as a solvent to decrease the oil’s viscosity.

An oil refinery is an ideal location to recover the methanol and convert it into other hydrocarbon fuels or petrochemicals. One of the most interesting applications is converting methanol into gasoline.

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