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Written by Walter Breidenstein   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 02:49
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Technologically, the GasTechno® process has the advantages one would expect to find in a simple, single-step, non-catalytic process that converts methane into liquid fuels/chemicals. It’s transportable, durable, versatile, and scalable. These technical advantages translate into economic strengths. The most significant advantage is that the process is far less expensive to construct than traditional, syngas-based technologies.

The capital savings of the GasTechno® process vary depending on plant size with smaller applications having a more pronounced relative advantage to competing technologies than larger ones. To even compare the GasTechno® process with other gas-to-liquid or gas-to- chemical processes, we must examine the economics and larger scales where the advantages are less pronounced (traditional technology is simply not applicable at small scales, even for the purpose of comparison). The table below shows the general breakdown of these economic advantages at a scale of 30MMSCFD and a natural gas price of $1.50/mmbtu (all revenues are based on March, 2009 prices).

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