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Written by Walter Breidenstein   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 02:49
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The greatest challenge to homogeneous direct partial oxidation is controlling costs associated with having a large recycle loop. These recycle costs occur during heating, cooling, compression, and gas clean-up.

  • Recycle loop heating requirements?
    Because of the exothermic nature of the reaction, there is actually a surplus of energy available for integration with the distillation and purification side of the process. The process has no heating requirements beyond what can be captured via heat integration.
  • Recycle loop cooling requirements?
    The scrubber process is sufficiently effective in removing impurities that cryogenic temperatures are not needed. Methanol is easily recovered at ambient conditions.
  • Recycle loop compression requirements?
    Even though the recycle is large, the process is designed to preserve pressure along the recycle loop to minimize recycle compression. In many cases it is possible to employ a high- pressure blower rather than a recycle compressor!
  • Recycle loop gas clean-up requirements?
    The reaction can tolerate the presence of impurities so the task is to control them (not eliminate them). To accomplish this, the methanol produced is used to scrub the recycle gas. Furthermore, the reaction can tolerate the presence of high levels of nitrogen allowing the process to employ inexpensive 90-95% PSA oxygen plants for oxygen.

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