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Written by Walter Breidenstein   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 02:49
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GasTechno first single-step GTL process
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The premise of the GasTechno® process is to avoid the traditional syngas step of production by converting methane directly into methanol without a catalyst (direct homogenous partial oxidation) and from there into any number of desirable end products:

Direct homogenous partial oxidation has been known for decades, but historically it has suffered from a trade-off between high selectivity and high conversion. Until now, you had to choose between one or the other. Too much oxygen and you end up with carbon dioxide. Too little oxygen and there simply is enough methanol being produced to make the reaction practical.

The GasTechno® process has solved this problem through the propriety design of its reactor and scrubber systems. These two systems work together as part of an energy- neutral recycle loop where unreacted methane is cleaned (via the scrubber) and recycled until a desired overall conversion is achieved. Sound simple? It is. In fact, the process cannot be any simpler:

The carbon efficiency of the GasTechno® is comparable to syngas-based technologies in use today, proving that the selectivity/conversion has finally been solved.

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