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Written by Walter Breidenstein   
Sunday, 18 April 2010 02:49
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The GasTechno® process is the world’s first single step process for converting natural gas into transportable liquid fuels and petrochemicals. With a wide range of applications and end products, the GasTechno® process is one of the best alternatives to wasting natural gas. In many cases, it is the only alternative!

Natural gas is not only found in vast fields all over the world, it’s a common and unavoidable byproduct of oil production, landfills, and various agricultural businesses. This makes it one of the most widely available sources of energy; however, it is also one of the most problematic to deliver to the end consumer. As a fuel it lacks the energy- density of liquid fuels and requires expensive pipelines or cryogenic liquefaction facilities and vessels to transport. Furthermore, pipeline specifications typically set limits on the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other chemicals often found in natural gas making the resource unusable without additional costs of pretreatment.

Alternatively, natural gas can reformed into syngas and then further converted into methanol and other liquid petrochemicals. This route has been in commercial use for decades and allows remote sources of natural gas to be utilized. Unfortunately, syngas technologies are quite complex and have multiple reactions, multiple inter-stage purification steps, and high-maintenance catalysts. As a result, these technologies require sufficient economies of scale to be economically viable.

The majority of stranded natural gas sources are too small to be utilized by syngas technologies. For these applications, the GasTechno® process is the only option.

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