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Wednesday, 16 March 2011 21:06
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Getting the most from your Machines and Foundations
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2.3 Alignment:

After the grout had been completely removed the crankcase was aligned. This work was carried out together with the mechanical contractor, and a reasonably good alignment was achieved, considering the age of the machine.

Crankcase and frame extension grout was poured after alignment. The bearing pedestal was next aligned to the compressor and grouted, and finally the motor was adjusted using the ALPHAPAD and OPTALIGN systems to realise a good driveshaft alignment.

2.4 Grout Replacement:

Formwork was prepared and set in place to contain the grout pour. ALPHATEC 800 epoxy grout was mixed and poured to properly encapsulate the machine bases. Forms were removed the following day, and anchor bolts finally tightened after transferring the load from ALPHAPAD to grout by cutting off the protruding steel tubes.

Additional epoxy grout was poured in the areas between the machine base supports to provide an oil impervious surface.

Anchor bolts were tightened according to the following schedule:

  • M42 bolts (motor baseplates) 1600 Nm
  • M30 bolts (crankcase & frame extensions 630 Nm
  • M24 bolts (crosshead supports, etc) 320 Nm
  • M18 bolts (bearing pedestal, etc) 130 Nm

These figures are based on the assumption that the bolt material has a tensile yield strength of 300 N/mm2, and that the bolt tension should be approximately 50% of this figure. The motor bolts should be tightened to 1740 Nm according to this calculation, but 1600 Nm was the maximum achievable with the equipment to hand, and is considered to be satisfactory.

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